Social value measurement in large scale infrastructure.

An interview with Daniel Fujiwara Dr Mary-Kathryn Adams, Head of Strategy, Simetrica-Jacobs To coincide with the publication of the white paper Before and Beyond the build: A blueprint for creating enduring social value at scale through infrastructure investments, I sat down with Dr Daniel Fujiwara, Chief Executive Officer at Simetrica-Jacobs, to get more insight into […]

Evaluation of DFiD-funded educational programmes in Ethiopia

Simetrica-Jacobs was commissioned to conduct a five-year qualitative and quantitative evaluation of a major girls’ educational project in Ethiopia, provided by the UK charity ChildHope and funded by the Department for International Development.   The work involved extensive survey data collection and analysis to assess the impact of the charity’s work on girls’ participation in education, their learning, and ultimately their progression through […]

Measuring Impact by Design, Impact Canada

Impact Canada approached Simetrica-Jacobs to develop and write guidance on impact measurement for use by the Canadian Government. Simetrica-Jacobs drew on academic literature and theory to develop an easy to access guide to measuring impact, emphasising the need for effective consideration of control groups and causal inference.    The guidance was published in late 2019, sets out […]

Siemens Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Educational Program

Simetrica-Jacobs were commissioned by Siemens to design an evaluation programme for the range of interventions that Siemens fund to encourage school students – in particular female students – to engage more in STEM subjects and to continue these studies to A-level and university.  Our Human Capital Impact Evaluation approach quantified the increased likelihood of STEM education and careers […]

A Value Bank for the Housing Sector

Simetrica-Jacobs was commissioned by Redrow plc, a leading housing developer in the UK, to demonstrate the social value of Redrow housing developments. The research which focused on valuing good quality homes and placemaking. We designed a Discrete Choice Study to elicit the preferences of Redrow customers and the general population for combinations of over 30 features related to home and […]

Wellbeing impacts of works disruptions and service interruptions

In preparation for their input to the latest round of price control discussion with Ofgem, gas supply company SGN sought research on new ways of valuing the firm’s impact on their consumers. Simetrica-Jacobs used wellbeing valuation methodology to identify and value the impact of SGN roadworks and of interruptions to gas supply on their customers.  SGN data on […]

Supply Chain Social Value Bank

Morgan Sindall partnered with Simetrica in developing the Supply Chain Social Value Bank™ for use across the construction sector. The tool is an online platform that provides easy access to robust social value measurement based upon best practice methodologies endorsed by government guidance.

Developing an Approach to Valuing Mental Health

Simetrica-Jacobs’ founding Director, Dr Daniel Fujiwara worked with LSE Professor of Behavioural Science, Paul Dolan, to analyse how the wellbeing valuation methodology could be applied to mental health outcomes, helping to highlight the significant value of actions that improve individual’s mental health.    This approach has since been applied within the UK Social Value Bank and SportValueBank, helping organisations to showcase and […]