Siemens Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Educational Program

Simetrica-Jacobs were commissioned by Siemens to design an evaluation programme for the range of interventions that Siemens fund to encourage school students – in particular female students – to engage more in STEM subjects and to continue these studies to A-level and university. 

Our Human Capital Impact Evaluation approach quantified the increased likelihood of STEM education and careers for those involved in Siemens activities, ranging from short-term activities like Science Fairs, to longer term projects like the Greenpower project, where students design and build their own Formula 24 car.  

We designed a set of surveys to compare the learning outcomes of students involved in Siemens activities against a control group of school students in the wider population. These impacts were monetised using the earnings premia in STEM jobs. From these results we built a user-friendly modelling tool that allowed Siemens to predict or assess impact and values for different STEM-related programmes. 

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Supply Chain Social Value Bank

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